Managing the Media in a Crisis 

1-2 people, 4 hours

3-4 people, 6 hours

This workshop covers the principles of dealing with media organisations that are homing in on a crisis. After first defining what a crisis is, participants are taken through the various stages of a crisis and their responsibilities, before doing interviews based on a realistic crisis scenario for their organisation. A professional journalist (confidentiality assured) accompanies the trainer.

The workshop covers:

  • Defining a crisis and how it differs to a problem or an issue
  • Understanding how the media’s normal behaviour changes in a crisis
  • Dissecting the different stages of a crisis
  • Understanding the roles and expectations placed on spokespeople
  • Preparing and delivering statements
  • Dealing with hostile interviews, press conferences and doorstops
  • Avoiding groupthink
  • The different communication options open to organisations in a crisis

Each participant receives a USB of their practice interviews and a Managing the Media in a Crisis workbook to keep.

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